Dak Prescott had ever attended the Manning pass College

The process of Dak Prescott‘s career from a fourth-round pick to the Dallas Cowboys starting quarterback like an improbable dreaming.

Dak Prescott

In fact, the Mississippi State University players had participated in the project that people do not know, in his high school, he attended the Manning pass college, which only recruits the nation’s best high school football offensive elite and gives lessons by two of the best NFL quarterback.

Prescott said: “I wanted to learn something at that time, there was nothing more worthy than Manning camp, this camp was great, and obviously everything worked.”

Only less than five months time, the quarterback entered the Cowboys playmaker to lead the Cowboys offensive group challenges the New York Giants, but one of his former teachers is Giants quarterback – Eli Manning.

Prescott is still cautious about his current situation, he said: “I am preparing for a lifetime, never thought it would happen so early, but this will not change me, I’m still me. Now I’m a starting quarterback, I can play games with those great players.”